Spitfire & Ozi Aluminium Boat Trailers

We look forward to the opportunity to build you a brilliant aluminium trailer that is going to last and add value to your boating.

We manufacture and build high quality aluminium boat trailers in a range of lengths and load capacities up to 4,000 KG ATM to suit virtually every size and type of boat. We can also fit your boat to your new aluminium trailer in our factory.

  • Glass Boats, Alloy Boats, Shark Cats, Dolly Trailers, Inflatable Boats, Dragon Boats, Sailer Trailers, Jet Skis, Punts and many more

  • DIY aluminium bolt together 4.2m long Aluminium Trailers for boats up to 3.6m long from just $2,000 with torsion rubber suspension

About Our Boat Trailers

Our Spitfire & Ozi aluminium boat trailers are designed by us for use in the Australian market to outperform and outlast conventional galvanised steel trailers. Our trailers are engineer certified and exceed the national Australian standards.

Our chassis are bolted together. This has the advantage over welded chassis in that it allows some movement that comes from the flex of aluminium and eliminates cracking at the welds.

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    Designed For Life, Built For Life

    Spitfire Superior Aluminium Construction

    All Spitfire I-beams, draw bars and cross bars are anodised aluminium 6061 and hardened to T6. We believe the Spitfire trailers are the only trailers in the world who offer both T6 and anodised as standard! T4 and mill finish is the norm.

    The anodised coating is hard, durable, will never peel.

    The purpose of anodising is to form a layer of aluminium oxide that will protect the aluminium beneath it. The aluminium oxide layer has much higher corrosion and abrasion resistance than aluminium and it also provides a longer lasting and consistent shine so it will look as good in the future as it does today.

    All braked Spitfire chassis use the same alloy profiles (I-beams and cross bars) that use to build the 3.5ton trailers!

    Torsion Rubber Construction

    Torsion Rubber Suspension provides a far superior towing experience. Boat builders know that trailering a boat may be the most abuse a hull receives. Torsion Axels are superior in every way and reduce that wear and tear.

    Every day towing creates oscillation that is transferred to the boats skids or rollers, causing potential hull fatigue, deformation and damage. However the torsion axel system allows each wheel to operate independently and provides superior shock absorption and a smoother a ride V’s springs.

    • Improved handling, especially better cornering ability and rough road stability.

    • Metal to metal contact eliminated, thus noise eliminated

    • The axel also acts as additional structural bracing

    • Sway allowed by a typical leaf spring hanger set up is virtually eliminated

    Spitfire  – The Leader in Quality new Ultimate Models with Stainless Steel 316

    • Nut, bolt and U bolt construction
    • Mudguard brackets, light brackets with protective light covers, swinging number plate
    • Winch
    • Stainless steel brake cylinders in our hydraulic brake clippers. Calliper case is dacromet coated steel

    Hydraulic hose lines are encased in flexible teflon, stainless steel braided certified lines

    LED submersible lights with ‘down lights’ which allows you to see the ground at night with Twin reversing lights

    Wasson boat trailer mudguards (made in Sydney), the market leader for 10 years, made from toughened plastic that you can stand on. Choice of white or black.

    Spitfire anodised aluminium trailers with the above features start from $2,200 (DIY), Single axle braked $6,400, dual axle from $7,700.

    OZI Aluminium Trailers

    OZI alloy trailers are a cheaper alternative to Spitfire. The T4 alloy is mill finish (not anodised) and we build with traditional leaf suspension.

    Stainless steel nut and bolts used with galvanised U-bolts in the construction of the Ozi alloy trailers.

    Unbraked from $3,300, single axle braked from $4,000, Dual axle from $6,000.

    Our Aluminium trailers:

    • Our aluminium chassis outlast and will not rust like steel
    • you can tow a heavier boat or use a smaller vehicle. You’ll also use less fuel when towing with an aluminium trailer, as compared to steel.
    • will provide greater value and help you with any future resale

    Our factory is located at the Gold Coast City Marina.

    71 Shipper Drive, Coomera, QLD (just behind Dreamworld)

    What Our Clients Say

    Drove over 7,000km and did not miss a beat. I can not rate these trailers enough, and customer service just as good..

    Jake Nean

    I bought a aluminum Spitfire Trailer to replace my rusted out trailer on Curtis Island. I am extremely happy with it. It towed fantastic, the price was good, it’s a good looking trailer, its high quality, has less parts, the torsion bar suspension means no spring to rust out and the people at Spitfire couldn’t do enough to please us.
    Alround I give it 5 stars and am happy as a pig in :/$&.

    Philip Marks

    Designed and built to last; top quality service. Peter and George made sure my 20ft Mustang fitted perfectly on the trailer and tows like dream behind my Pajero.

    Leo Helfrich

    Peter and his team were extremely helpful and professional going above and beyond. I will be recommending Spitfire trailer to all my friends and family as the product is top notch. Cheers Nick

    Nick C.

    I recently purchased a Spitfire trailer with a new RIB. As RIB dimensions are different from standard design boats I needed to get some help from Peter and his team. Nothing was an issue, additional tweaks were done on mud guards and bearings in wheels removed and regreased. Timeliness was excellent and i have not experienced this level of customer care for a while. A real pleasure to deal with with a fantastic product.
    Just back from a sailing regatta at Maryborough Sailing Club in Hervey Bay. Trailer towed well launched and retrieved well from the beach in calm and wavy conditions. Many onlooker commented on the quality of the trailer.

    Robert Sloman